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This ingenious Chrome extension adds a ‘random episode’ button to Netflix

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The team at streaming news website Flixed that introduced a Chrome extension last year which added a “random episode” button to Hulu is now back, this time with a Chrome extension that lets you shuffle TV episodes on Netflix.

As a reminder, we and others reported back in April that Netflix itself is testing a feature that would add a shuffle option to its library of TV episodes, which would let you dive into a random episode of something like The Office or Black Mirror. It’s something that will no doubt appeal to many users, especially fans of series as extensive as The Office, with so many episodes that sometimes you just want to dive in at random instead of trying to remember the whole arc of the series and figure out which episode from its nine seasons you want to watch at the moment.

In this case, Flixed’s Chrome extension is called ShuffleFlix. It just went public on Tuesday and works with every episode and TV show available on Netflix, albeit only on desktop.

“We created ShuffleFlix because we saw how fun a random episode feature could be for shows that aren’t completely sequential,” Thenuka Karunaratne told BGR. (Thenuka is the editor-in-chief at Flixed as well as the CEO of its parent company AdMark Technologies Ltd.) “Examples would include The Office, Shark Tank, and many others. We were super excited when we announced that Netflix was testing a feature like this, but we were bummed to learn that it might be a while before it was actually rolled out to the public. So, given that our team is comprised of streaming geeks, we decided to build it ourselves.”

Once you add this extension and then fire up Netflix, you should see a “Random Episode” button next to “Episodes” after you click on any TV show. If you’re already in the middle of playing an episode, you should see a new button in the bottom right corner of the screen that looks like two arrows. Click that, and you’ll hop to a new random episode.

This is one of a growing series of useful Netflix browser extensions we’ve covered. ShuffleFlix is available now for free from the Chrome Web Store.

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