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Last-minute ‘WandaVision’ finale leak teases a mind-blowing mutant cameo

Published Mar 4th, 2021 11:04AM EST
WandaVision Finale
Image: Marvel Studios

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The first and probably the only WandaVision season will wrap up on Friday with Episode 9, which will mark the finale of a story that’s unlike anything Marvel has done so far. It’s not just that WandaVision is a TV series with some of the beloved Avengers that we normally only get to see in movies. It’s also the way this thrilling mystery story is told. Disney+ gives Marvel more time to flesh out these characters and create richer arcs that should pay off down the road. This can be frustrating for fans who have to wait a week between episodes, especially since WandaVision episodes advance at a much slower pace than MCU movies. On the other hand, let’s not forget that the show tells a very specific story that tackles grief and mental health. The story perfectly encapsulates the aftermath of Infinity War and Endgame, which were traumatic events for all the people who experienced them. Add to all that Wanda’s existing emotional baggage, and you end up with this Westview nightmare that has been unfolding over the past couple of months.

We’ve seen a bunch of WandaVision finale leaks already, teasing some of the events in Episode 9, as well as actual comments from the series director. Matt Shakman attempted to temper expectations, saying that some of the leaks out there have been wrong. Most of them have proven to be accurate so far though. And now, with just one day left to go until the WandaVision finale, we have a new last-minute leak that you need to see. If it’s accurate, we might already know who one of the surprise WandaVision mutant cameos is — and it’s not Quicksilver. The following spoilers might ruin Episode 9, however, so stop reading now if you want it to be a surprise.

A person who goes by the name Voldemort on 4chan posted the following Episode 9 leak that supposedly reveals some of the plot details of the finale. He or she did not spill all of the episode’s secrets, in an effort to keep the surprise in place.

Cold open.

Monica uses her ability to view magic and notices that the necklace around Quicksilver’s neck is glowing purple like the basement. She immediately rips it off of him, waking him up from his possession. He asks where he is, and we very quickly realize he’s (most likely) Fox Quicksilver. He asks Monica if she’s a mutant too, and wants to know why he was pulled from his home. She asks where he’s from.

Cut to the MCU logo sequence.

Vision finally arrives to assist Wanda and her children.

Agatha, coldly: ‘You barely know her, hun.’

Vision shoots a beam at Agatha but misses as he’s thrown back into the curb a full block away. Speed uses this opportunity to narrowly escape and assist his father. Agatha laughs, knowing she has the high ground at the moment.

SWORD. The engineers are working with Hayward to get White Vision into the Hex secretly, but Jimmy notices and runs in to stop them. White Vision notices and blasts Jimmy away, presumably killing him, and rushes into the Hex without even slightly struggling. Hayward looks on in fear of what he’s created as the others run away from the scene. You see Goodner run past one of the agents, and as the camera moves with her, she shapeshifts (no VFX used) and manages to get away unnoticed. She’s a skrull.

Cut back in the hex. Speed is looking after his father who is on the ground. He’s okay, just shaken up and confused. Monica shows up with Peter. This is where we get the “Let’s fight for it” line from the trailers, as Hex Vision realizes he needs to save the only thing he knows. He speeds back down the street towards Agatha, with Peter and Speed running alongside him. Monica stays back. She looks frightened before they cut away. Peter uses his speed to stun Agatha and return Wiccan to Wanda. Speed says ‘Told you he was cool’ and we see the entire Maximoff family ready to throw down.

We get the thumbnail shot. I’ll leave the rest unspoiled.

As is the case with other MCU leaks, we have no way of verifying this one. But plenty of the WandaVision spoilers we saw in the past few weeks came true, as it looks like Marvel is having a harder time keeping the events of its TV shows a secret.

Still, Voldemort’s leak above received plenty of backlash, which prompted the person to reveal more.

Okay fine, you […] goblins. The title of the episode is ‘The Universe is Expanding’ and Doctor Strange shows up with another Fox character to help about 28 minutes in. It’s not Xavier or Magneto, it’s Nightcrawler played by Kodi Smit-McPhee. He’s used to enter the hex. Also, Agatha was indeed being manipulated by Nightmare. That’s all you get.

That’s a lot to take in, but we’ll know whether the information is correct as soon as Episode 9 is released on Friday. If it’s indeed called The Universe is Expanding, the Nightcrawler may very well be the surprise cameo that Paul Bettany has been teasing all along. I’ll ignore the Jimmy Woo tidbit since he probably won’t die. The Skrull element is also the kind of Easter egg we’d expect from the show.

It might seem puzzling to have Nightcrawler, of all mutants, appear in WandaVision. It certainly seems peculiar for Doctor Strange to need a mutant who can teleport to get him inside the hex. Strange can go anywhere he pleases with his portals, but even those powers might be limited. He can’t travel back in time, or we wouldn’t have needed Tony Stark in Endgame. And his portals might not be able to penetrate Wanda’s magic. But Strange might know how to move between universes by now, and that could be how he is able to grab Nightcrawler when he needs help.

We’ve seen plenty of speculation as to who Bettany’s mystery cameo might be, with the list including several actors who played mutants in the Fox movies. None of them seemed to qualify. And we saw speculation that Al Pacino might be in the TV show. It’s worth noting that there were no rumors about Kodi Smith-McPhee appearing in WandaVision.

But wait, things get stranger. John Rocha had this to say on his YouTube channel when discussing Episode 5 when the new Quicksilver was revealed.

I’m going to reveal something here really quick and I’m going to walk the line if I can on this. A few weeks ago, I interviewed Kody-Smit McPhee. There are some things he said in our interview, his agent and publicist asked me to go back and edit out 10 minutes of that interview and now I understand why.

[We] got into a discussion about comparing certain directors that he’s worked with — I won’t reveal who they are, they asked me to cut that out. But then he revealed something else about the character he has played, and I thought this was a fun thing to say because in my mind in no way that I think something was going to happen. And who knows if maybe that’s why they asked me to edit out his responses to that question. So that’s all. Just leave it there. So, I don’t know what’s happening, but we might not be done.

Also interesting is the fact that Paul Bettany hasn’t worked with Kody-Smit McPhee before. Does this all mean Nightcrawler will appear in the WandaVision finale? We’ll just have to wait until Friday to see how it all plays out.

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