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Did AMC just troll with us with this new ‘Walking Dead’ footage?

Walking Dead Season 7 Video Negan Victim

Come October, we’ll finally find out the answer to one burning Walking Dead question: who did Negan kill at the end of season 6? But until then, we get to watch new footage from the upcoming season, and can’t help but wonder whether AMC is trolling its fans once again. Beware, some spoilers follow below.

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In a new sneak peek video, we see a man riding a motorcycle on the road and coming to a stop as walkers are crawling ahead. The first impression you get is that Daryl is on that bike, it must be him – so, yay, he wasn’t killed.

But it soon becomes apparent that we’re looking at Dwight here, riding Daryl’s bike and wearing his vest. This might be seen as an indication that Negan killed Daryl, and then Dwight took his belongings. It’s abundantly clear that Dwight and Daryl do not like each other, and Dwight has already stolen some of Daryl’s things, including his beloved crossbow and bike. This short video does a great job of hinting that Daryl might be dead.

Is Daryl dead? Not too long ago, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the show, appeared in an interview at Comic-Con where he said that nobody on that yacht was killed in that cliffhanger scene. Standing beside him at the time was Norman Reedus (Daryl), Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Steven Yeun (Glenn).

So Daryl doesn’t die. In fact, there’s a theory that says Maggie might be the victim.

As for Dwight, played by Austin Amelio, we have no idea what he’s doing on that bike or why he’s wearing that vest. We do know he’s been added to the Walking Dead’s regular cast for season 7, so we’ll see plenty of him come October.

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