While yesterday’s third and final U.S. Presidential debate began rather slowly, the intensity quickly picked up as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton inevitably began picking each other apart amidst a back-and-forth that was filled with name-calling and bold accusations.

As was to be expected, the debate was rife with meme-worthy soundbites and verbal zingers. From Donald Trump inventing the word “Bigly” to Trump and Clinton arguing over which candidate was a bigger puppet, yesterday’s debate was a sad yet hilarious reminder that the current election has been the most bizarre, entertaining, and at the same time, depressing U.S. Presidential election in recent memory.

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To help you cope with all of the nonsense, and because Ken Bone was MIA, we scoured Twitter in an effort to unearth some of the best reactions to last night’s debate.

First up, it’s our old buddy Shooter McGavin of Happy Gilmore fame giving it to us straight.

Preach Shooter, preach!

A few times during the debate, Trump used the word Bigly. Was he trying to say the phrase big time? Was he making a subtle reference to Big League Chew? Or, perhaps, was Trump giving a shoutout to Biggie?


Without question, one of the more memorable moments of the debate was when trumped used the phrase “bad hombres.” Politics aside, I think we can all agree that the photo below is an absolute masterpiece.


He might be onto something here.

A little Ace Ventura reference perhaps?




And likely echoing what everyone was thinking during this excruciating third and final debate.

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