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Can voters tell the difference between a Trump quote and a Hitler quote?

Trump Hitler Quotes Viral Video

How can one compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler? One is a highly successful businessman turned presidential candidate with absolutely no consistency and decency while the other is generally regarded as the most evil tyrant in world history.

In fact, regardless of what you think of Trump, comparing him to Hitler isn’t fair. But it turns out that some of Trump’s fans would also vote for Hitler, at least according to a video that’s going viral on Facebook.

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SoFlo read Hitler quotes to Trump supporters and recorded their reactions. Unaware the messages belonged to Hitler, these fans showed immediate support for their favorite Republican candidate.

Yes, most people would not be able to recognize Hitler quotes from anyone else’s. Even if some of them sound outrageous, they also seem like things Trump would say. In fact, Trump himself – or his tweeting army – was recently fooled by Gawker to retweet a quote from Mussolini, who just happens to be one of Hitler’s best buddies.

That said, the video goes to show that some Trump people would probably vote for Hitler if he’d step up to the plate with a presidential political agenda and discourse that may sound similar to Trump’s. Posted on March 1st, the video is approaching 40 million hits and follows below.

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