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Supercut of 2015’s most hilarious and embarrassing news bloopers

News Bloopers

As far as year-end compilations go, you’re not going to find anything funnier than NewsBeFunny‘s collection of hilarious, embarrassing and outrageous news bloopers of 2015. The sheer volume of laugh out loud moments in the YouTube video posted below is simply incredible. From inadvertent double entendres and on-air personal attacks to a weatherman being accosted by a dog during the middle of a broadcast, there’s a lot of good stuff here for everyone.

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While the entire clip is worth checking out, it is rather lengthy at 15-minutes long. That being the case, we thought we’d make your life just a little bit easier by highlighting some of the more ridiculous clips worthy of your attention.

  • 39 seconds: woman gets startled by photobomber
  • 46 seconds: Fox news anchor throws an axe and almost kills someone
  • 1:24 seconds: A personal favorite. Just some good-natured on-air ribbing with an incredible hamburglar reference.
  • 2:53 seconds: Newscaster says Amazon is more popular than Walmart because they sell adult toys
  • 4:21 seconds: No words
  • 5:15 seconds: “We gotta make cattle!”
  • 6:27 seconds: Another great one featuring a dog interrupting a weather report
  • 9:14 seconds: 1270 degree weather report
  • 10:07 seconds: News anchor skates on thin ice with NWA reference
  • 10:41 seconds: Bicyclist faceplants live on the air
  • 11:54 seconds: Never do the splits live on air

And that’s just a brief sampling. The entire clip, though, is chock-full of embarrassing and hilarious moments and is well worth checking out in its entirety.

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