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Super Mario Run might be coming to Android sooner than you thought

Super Mario Run Android

Ever since Super Mario Run arrived on the App Store earlier this month, Android users have been anxiously awaiting any word from Nintendo about when the game might make its way over to other mobile platforms.

While a release date has still yet to be revealed, Nintendo did open up pre-registration for Super Mario Run on the Google Play store late on Wednesday night. Similar to the “Notify” button that appeared on the App Store shortly after the game was announced, the “Pre-register” button on Google Play will give Android owners the chance to find out as soon as the game hits the digital store for their devices.

As Nintendo and Apple debuted Super Mario Run during the iPhone 7 in September, it was unclear when or if the game would be released on platforms other than iOS. That question was quickly answered when Nintendo sent out a press release stating that the game would be available “first” on iOS, implying that it would eventually make its way to Android (though Windows Phone fans shouldn’t hold their breath).

While the release date for Super Mario Run on Android is still unknown, it would make sense for Apple’s exclusivity to last at least a month. That said, the details of any such deal have not been revealed either, so the game could theoretically hit the Google Play store at any moment.

As for the content of the game, the description on Google Play is virtually identically to the one on the App Store, right down to “paying a set purchase price” for the full game. It will be interesting to see whether or not the updates (however minor they may be) will be available for Android on day one.

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