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‘Suicide Squad’ spoiler: Major DC Comics character to appear in villain-only movie

We’re nearly there, Suicide Squad fans! The film premieres on August 5th, at which point we’ll learn everything there is to know about the villains in the DC Comics cinematic universe. However, until then, we’ve got one more spoiler for you — one that you should avoid just like the previous ones if you want to be surprised at the movies next week.

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Suicide Squad will not only acquaint us with many of the bad guys who are always fighting against our favorite DC Comics superheroes, but it will also introduce us one of the new DC Comics characters that we’ll see in a bunch of movies going forward: The Flash.

Ezra Miller is credited as The Flash in Suicide Squad. He’ll play the same role in a standalone Flash movie set to debut on March 16th, 2018, and he’s in next year’s Justice League Part One – we’ve already seen him in the first trailer of the movie, which was shown off last week at Comic-Con.

suicide-squad-castImage source: The Wrap

We didn’t know The Flash was going to make an appearance in Suicide Squad, at least not from the trailers. We did see Batman or a certain villain wearing his costume, in a few trailers but that’s it. It’s not even clear why the filmmakers want The Flash to appear in this movie, or how it’s all tied together in the grand scheme of things.

However, the updated Suicide Squad cast seen above was issued to members of the press on Thursday, The Wrap reports, with The Flash appearing 20 lines down. The cast is listed in order of appearance, which means The Flash will likely pop up fairly early in the movie, well ahead of some of the members of the Suicide Squad, including Diablo, Killer Croc and Enchantress. Color us intrigued.

The Flash already made a cameo in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but hopefully he’ll have a line or two in Suicide Squad. He really seemed like a fun character in the Justice League Part One trailer.

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