Over the past month, the official Star Wars Youtube channel has been sharing a series of shorts to build excitement for the upcoming release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The twist? All of the shorts were created with stop-motion animation, using the actual Star Wars toys that you can find online and on store shelves.

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Although the story doesn’t exactly mirror that of the spinoff hitting theaters in December, it does follow a group of toys as they search for the building instructions to the LEGO Star Wars Death Star set before the Empire can find it.

It’s incredibly cute, exceptionally well-animated, and, as of this Monday, officially concluded. You can watch all four chapters of Star Wars Go Rogue below:

The Empire has misplaced the building instructions to the Death Star. Jyn Erso has followed an Imperial search team to the markets of Jedha hoping to recover the instructions first.

With increasing pressure from Director Krennic, Jyn must join forces with the Rebels on Jedha to take on enemies of all shapes and sizes. Will they escape Jedha with the Empire’s building instructions? Or will Krennic’s Death Star be back on plan?

In Chapter 3, the Rebels seek the second instruction book on rain-soaked Eadu, but the Empire has beaten them to the prize. Will they be able to outsmart the scheming Director Krennic to escape with the instructions and their lives?

In the exciting conclusion, the Rebels must rely on their wits, courage and building skills to rescue one of their own from Director Krennic and escape with the LEGO building instructions. The fate of the Galaxy hangs in the balance.

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