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Everything wrong with the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ plot

Star Wars Force Awakens CinemaSins

Critics loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens — let’s not forget, though, that movie critics are often completely useless — and it’s definitely a movie to see this year. That doesn’t make this Star Wars episode perfect, however. We’re still looking at a clone of A New Hope, and there are several plot holes that we’re not terribly happy about. But the overall Star Wars universe J.J. Abrams envisioned is a very enjoyable one.

Star Wars fans have probably noticed some of the issues with Episode VII, but if you haven’t then the following 19-minute video will show you some of the strange decisions Abrams & Co. made in movie.

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YouTube channel CinemaSins is an expert at roasting movies, and you must see the video it created for the latest Star Wars film. Not only does it highlight all the inconsistencies in The Force Awakens, but the clip does a tremendous job at recapping the entire movie in less than 20 minutes. The “bloopers” reel at the end is also hilarious – but we won’t spoil anything for you.

That said, don’t watch this clip if you haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet because there are obviously plenty of spoilers. If you’ve already seen the movie, then it’s time to check out how Disney messed up Episode VII.

If you’re looking to see more funny Star Wars clips, check out this fake but hilarious outtakes video starring Kylo Ren.

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