We’re just a week away from the theatrical debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it looks like Disney is not done teasing the upcoming film with even more trailers.

The latest one comes from China, a two-minute clip that features plenty of new footage and dialogue that may further spoil part of the story for you. So if you’re trying to avoid The Force Awakens plot spoilers, you’d best avoid the new video.

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Posted on the YouTube channel of Lu Han, a member of a Chinese-Korean boy band that actually released a Star Wars-themed song “Lightsaber” not too long ago, the video features some of the characters we’ve seen in other Star Wars trailers and TV ads. There’s no Luke Skywalker, but there’s plenty of action, including more dialogue from both sides of the Force.

Yes, it’s perfectly normal if you get goosebumps watching this new Star Wars trailer. Thankfully, there’s just about a week to wait to see Episode VII.

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