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All the biggest announcements from Sony’s E3 2018 event – including some surprises

Published Jun 12th, 2018 7:45AM EDT
Sony E3 2018 Games
Image: Eugene Hoshiko/AP/REX/Shutterstock

It feels like a lifetime ago that Sony’s PlayStation 3 was getting absolutely obliterated by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in terms of buzz. The two consoles interestingly ended up with about the same lifetime sales, but it sure didn’t feel that way during much of the console war for that generation. Fast forward to late 2013 and the tables weren’t just turned, they were completely flipped. Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the clear favorite over the Xbox One right out of the gate, and Sony hasn’t looked back since that very first PS4 unveiling event. You remember it, right? The one that lasted for what seemed like 10 hours.

Well Sony’s big E3 2018 press conference didn’t last for 10 hours, but it was packed full of announcements and new trailers for some of the hottest upcoming PS4 games. Best of all, Sony actually manages to sneak in a few surprises this year! The PlayStation 4 maker typically sticks to script at E3, focusing on the games we already know to be coming to the PlayStation 4. This time around, however, we got our first taste of some new titles as well.

Below, you’ll find all of the new PS4 trailers Sony showed off during the PlayStation 4 E3 2018 event, along with any important details the company shared. Note that a whole bunch of content in these PS4 trailers is pretty gruesome, so you might not want to watch them at your desk at work.

Kingdom Hearts III E3 2018 Trailer

Square Enix showed off its third new trailer for the upcoming title Kingdom Hearts III, showing off the third Disney world that’ll be incorporated into the game. This time around it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, which can now be added to Ratatouille and Frozen. Sorry, there’s still no release date to share.

Marvel’s Spider-Man E3 2018 Trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man is another upcoming big PlayStation 4 exclusive, and this time we know when it’ll be released: September. It looks beyond intense in the 7-minute gameplay trailer released at E3 2018, which is exactly what we wanted to see from Insomniac Games.

Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

Behold, the first trailer for Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions’s Death Stranding that has actual gameplay footage! It’s pretty much just as weird as everyone was expecting it to be… but it also looks kind of awesome. Now, for the bad-but-not-at-all-surprising news: There’s still no release date.

The Last of Us Part II E3 2018 Trailer

Yup, this is the big one, boys and girls — the one we were all waiting for. For the first time ever, Sony showed off some actual gameplay footage from The Last of Us Part II. Wait, did we say “some”? There’s nearly 12 minutes of gameplay footage in the clip above, which should be more than enough to tide you over for the time being.

The E3 2018 trailer for the PS4 exclusive The Last of Us Part II starts out with a long opening that’s actually tender at times, and even includes a makeout scene with Ellie (that showcases some pretty stellar animation, by the way), but things get nice and brutal after that. Definitely strap in and watch this one from start to finish.

Ghost of Tsushima E3 2018 Trailer

Next came Ghost of Tsushima, the hotly anticipated new title from Sucker Punch. Not that it needs an introduction, but Sucker Punch is the studio behind Infamous, so it’s safe to say we’re in store for some serious action in the studio’s next big release. The good news is that if the trailer is any indication, Ghost of Tsushima is indeed going to be action packed. The bad news is we still don’t know when it’ll be released. While we continue to wait, enjoy the 9-minute clip above.

Control E3 2018 Trailer

Remedy Entertainment showed up at Sony’s E3 2018 event with a fresh new announcement. The studio game the world its first look at a new time-shifting action game called Control. It looks trippy as heck, and it also looks pretty awesome. Of course, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering this is the studio behind Quantum Break.

Déraciné E3 2018 Trailer

Don’t worry, PSVR fans, you got some love at Sony’s E3 2018 event, too. From Software, which announced the new 2019 title Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice just two days ago, also unveiled a new virtual reality game called Déraciné. It looks wonderfully detailed and pretty intense, which is exactly what we want to see from From Software’s first VR game.

Resident Evil 2 E3 2018 Trailer

Last but certainly not least, Capcom finally announced a release date for its hotly anticipated Resident Evil 2 remake. It took nearly three years, but the studio confirmed last night that its RE2 remake will be released on January 25th. We also got a fresh new trailer, as you can see above.

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