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Watch the new SNL sketch that pissed off Donald Trump yet again

November 21st, 2016 at 10:02 AM
SNL Trump Skit

With Donald Trump poised to assume the Presidency this coming January, comedy fans can look forward to four more years of Alec Baldwin pulling off his impeccable Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live.

Over the weekend, Baldwin was at it again during SNL’s cold open, this time portraying Trump as a bumbling fool completely unprepared and ill-equipped to handle the responsibilities of the Oval Office.

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Right off the bat, Trump has a conversation with General Dunlap who thanks the President-elect for his big and secret plan that will take down ISIS once and for all. When Dunlap leaves, Trump panics as he takes to his computer and Googles “What is ISIS?”

Overwhelmed by billions of search results, Trump then picks up his phone and asks Siri, “How do I kill ISIS?”, all before realizing that he’s using a Blackberry and not an iPhone.

Later on, we see Jason Sudekis make a surprise cameo as Mitt Romney whereupon the two engage in an awkwardly long handshake before Romney states the obvious, “This isn’t going to work, is it?”

Saving the best for last, we eventually see Trump interact briefly with Mike Pence where the two discuss Pence’s recent night out at the theatre watching Hamilton on Broadway.

As far as SNL’s Trump sketches go, this isn’t one of the better ones we’ve seen, but there are still plenty of laughs to go around.

Funny enough, Trump managed to catch some of SNL this weekend and, not surprisingly, he didn’t come away too impressed.

Taking to Twitter, Trump said the show was not funny and decidedly unfunny.

Trump’s tweet prompted Baldwin to reply via his Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account. In short, Baldwin urged Trump to focus more on improving America and less on critiquing late-night comedy shows.

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