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Forget Tesla, SNL has come up with the ultimate electric car

SNL Mercedes AA Battery Commercial

When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla’s new Model 3 is the talk of the town. The company convinced thousands of customers to purchase the Model 3 even before it was announced, with preorders reaching impressive numbers far above anything the company was expecting. But that doesn’t mean Tesla’s vision of an electric car is the only one you should be aware of. In fact, Saturday Night Live came up with an amazing electric car concept of its own, the Mercedes AA, which is powered entirely by AA batteries.

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The hilarious commercial stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who does a great job explaining the features of this amazing Mercedes AA class. The fully electric luxury sedan is powered by 9,648 AA batteries and requires no plugs or charging stations.

It’s a zero-emission car that offers you lifetime drivetrain warranty and all the luxury add-ons you’d expect from a Mercedes. It’s even got a smart computer that will tell you when a battery is about to expire so you can find it and manually change it. Of course, there’s also a very nifty automatic battery discharge feature built into this Mercedes AA.

You won’t like the top speed – 52 mph – but at least you know it’s safe. Check out the full commercial below to see exactly the kind of electric car the folks at SNL have dreamt up.

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