Aside from Battlefield 1 and Civilization VI, the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo might be the biggest release of the week. Some persistent gamers have already datamined the demo to uncover virtually every scrap of information that Nintendo had yet to unveil, but some of the most intriguing secrets won’t unlock for days.

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As we mentioned in our Sun and Moon demo guide yesterday, there are several villagers around Hau’oli who tell you to come back after a certain amount of time has passed. It turns out that if you return on the days they specify, you’ll receive some additional items that you can transfer to your full copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon when the games launch next month.

It can be a bit of a hassle to keep up with (or even find) all of the villagers, but with our event guide below, you won’t have to! Just keep checking back here if you need a reminder about when or where you’re supposed to go on a given day:

1 Day Later (October 19th)

Talk to the man standing outside the Pokemon Center.

  • Reward: 10 Pretty Wings

5 Days Later (October 23rd)

Talk to the woman standing by the street sign in the bottom left corner of town.

  • Reward: Nothing, just an in-game event

12 Days Later (October 30th)

Talk to the man with the Pikachu inside Hau’oli City Hall.

  • Reward: Balm Mushroom

18 Days Later (November 5th)

Talk to the policeman by the lamppost on the Marina.

  • Reward: Nothing, just an in-game event

24 Days Later (November 11th)

Talk to the first woman you see inside the Ferry Terminal on the Marina.

  • Reward: Comet Shard

30/31 Days Later? (November 17th/18th)

Talk to the cafe owner inside the Pokemon Center, who is supposed to return in “about a month.” It’s still unclear if this is one of the events or not.

  • Reward: Unknown

[UPDATE: List now includes all rewards, thanks to Reddit.]

If you want as much of a head start as possible when Pokemon Sun and Moon launch on November 18th, be sure to jump back in to the demo on the days listed above. There’s no telling what kind of surprises these villagers have in store.

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