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All the biggest Pokemon Go announcements from Comic-Con this weekend

Pokemon Go Comic-Con Panel Update

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the Pokemon Go panel at San Diego Comic-Con was under a great deal of scrutiny this weekend. Not only were a few hundred of the tens of millions of players anxious to hear about any upcoming updates firsthand, but there was a rumor that developer Niantic would unleash the first legendary Pokemon at some point during the panel.

That never happened. But we did learn some interesting things about the future of Pokemon Go, the most important of which we’ll discuss below.

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The most important reveal during the Pokemon Go panel was that each of the three teams (Valor, Mystic and Instinct) will have a leader. Candela will lead the red team, Blanche is in charge of blue and Spark carries the torch for yellow. According to Niantic CEO John Hanke, these three team leaders will dispense advice within the app, but other than that, their purpose remains a bit mysterious.

As for new features, the team is still intent on bringing trading to the app as quickly as possible. Niantic has also talked about giving players the ability to customize Poke Stops and add Pokemon Centers to the game. During the Q&A portion, one fan asked about breeding, and Hanke confirmed it was under discussion.

Although we shouldn’t expect to see any new Pokemon in the game any time soon (we haven’t even seen all of the original 151 yet), Hanke did allude to the fact that more generations of creatures will appear in the game eventually.

Finally, Hanke told the crowd that only a tenth of the functionality that the developer wanted to include in the game was available at launch. The team plans to support the game for many years to come, and we’ve only seen a sliver of what the game will likely be once the team has begun releasing regular updates.

At this point, keeping the servers online and fixing major bugs (like the “three-step glitch”) are the priority for Niantic, but once the game is up and running smoothly in every market, the update we’ve all been waiting for should start to drop.

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