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This Pokemon Go evolution calculator will help you get the most powerful Pokemon

Pokemon Go CP Evolution Calculator

One of the most satisfying moments in Pokemon Go is when you finally have enough candies to evolve one of your rare Pokemon.

The only problem is that, at a glance, it’s impossible to tell how powerful that evolved Pokemon is going to be, and you might not have any candies left to power it up once you’ve spent 25 or 50 candies on the evolution.

That’s where the Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator comes in handy.

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“This tool predicts what the Pokemon will evolve into based on the provided Combat Power and the multipliers gathered from the community,” the creators of the Pokemon Go Toolkit website explain. “This is useful for deciding whether the evolved Pokemon you have is stronger or weaker than the one you have now. Determining if the evolved Pokemon will be higher Combat Power is also useful for saving candies by avoiding having to test the evolution.”

For example, if I have a 500 CP Charmander, I can plug that number into the calculator and click ‘Evolve.’ The calculator will then show me that my Charmeleon (the first evolution) could have anywhere from 820-850 CP, and the Charizard (the third evolution) will have a CP between 1402-1521.

Considering the fact that Charizard’s max CP is 2602 (another stat the site provides), I might want to wait until I catch a stronger Charmander, or at least boost my Charmander’s CP, before I start evolving him.

To be clear, this isn’t the be-all and end-all of tools to help you effectively level up your Pokemon, but if you want to take over the gyms in your neighborhood, it’s not a bad idea to use the calculator before you start evolving.

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