It’s time to see a trailer for the fifth episode of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Dead Men Tell No Tales arrives in cinemas next May, complete with characters you already loved, and a few new addition to the Pirates roster.

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Johnny Depp will reprise his Captain Jack Sparrow role and Orlando Bloom will also make a comeback as Will Tuner. Yes, Barbossa is back too, so we’ll see Geoffrey Rush one more time, but will he be a villain or a friend? You can expect fresh blood as well, including Javier Bardem as Captain Salazar. He’s definitely a bad guy. A dead bad guy.

In fact, this first teaser trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales is all about Captain Salazar. He’s a very scary and polite pirate, who’s looking for Captain Sparrow — after all, who isn’t looking for Jack in these movies? But this time, it appears that death sent Salazar on a mission.

“Find Sparrow for me,” he tells a young man. “And relay a message from Captain Salazar. Tell him death comes straight for him.”

Death will probably have a tough time actually getting Jack Sparrow, considering that Disney’s Pirates is still incredibly popular with the crowds. That said, we expect plenty of action and rum in this fifth tale, which hits theaters on May 26th, 2017.

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