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John Oliver Vs. Pennies Video

John Oliver unleashes a furious tirade against pennies

November 23rd, 2015

Every year, it seems like someone proposes abolishing the penny and every year pretty much nothing happens about it. While ranting about the uselessness of pennies has gotten tiresome at this point, HBO’s John Oliver refreshes this common complaint with what might be the funniest anti-penny tirade I’ve ever seen. Sadly, however, I still don’t …

How To Make A Light Saber

How to make your very own giant light saber

November 23rd, 2015

If you’re the sort of person who plans on attending the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere in full cosplay, then you’re also the type of person who will want to make their own homemade light saber to bring to the theater. Happily for you, I Like to Make Stuff has posted a simple guide for creating …

The Walking Dead Episode 7 Glenn Alive

‘The Walking Dead’ episode 7: A heart-pounding answer to ‘the Glenn question’

November 23rd, 2015

The seventh episode of The Walking Dead season 6 aired last night, and it had an interesting overall theme: people need saving. Unexpectedly, the episode brought the answer we’ve all been waiting for: is Glenn dead? That’s the question we’ve pondered since the season’s third episode – the series’ “Jon Snow” moment – and we’re about to spoil …