The unveiling of the Nintendo Switch left us with just as many questions as it did answers, but one of the biggest mysteries might have been solved on Thursday. According to Eurogamer, the display of the Switch will indeed be a multi-touch screen, despite the fact that Nintendo has refused to comment.

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The same sources that revealed to Eurogamer earlier this summer that the Switch would have a portable unit and detachable controllers now say that the new console will feature a 6.2-inch, 720p, capacitive multi-touch display.

Although it’s still unclear why Nintendo wouldn’t be forthcoming about the console’s features, Eurogamer posits that the company didn’t want to send the wrong message to consumers before the product launches.

This isn’t a sequel to the 3DS and it isn’t a tablet in the same vein as the iPad — it’s a video game console first and foremost. Touching, tapping and swiping might lead casual observers to believe Nintendo had given up on the home console market.

The sources also claim that the Joy-Con R (the controller that slots into the right side of the Switch in portable mode) will contain an IR sensor that could be used in place of a finger when the Switch is in its dock, connected to the TV.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo had no comment when Eurogamer asked the company about these reports, but given the sterling track record of leakers so far, we’re inclined to believe that the Switch will be Nintendo’s first mutli-touch device.

Nintendo will host a Switch presentation early next year.

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