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11 new movie trailers from this past week that you need to watch

New Movie Trailers Mar. 25

It’s the weekend, which means you should consider going to see a movie! To get you in the mood, we have no less than 11 new movie trailers you shouldn’t miss, including the third episode of the Bridget Jones saga – yes, it’s a trilogy.

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Bridget Jones’s Baby

This one needs no introductions, does it? Bridget Jones’s Baby is due September 16th, with Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey manning the main roles.

Dead 7

A movie that somehow combines zombies, the Wild West and ’90s boy bands. Dead 7 will not be as interesting as complex as The Walking Dead, but come April 1st, it will be an option for zombie movie fans.

Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon tells the story of the offshore drilling rig of the same name that exploded in April 2010, causing the worst oil spill in the history of America. Dylan O’Brian, Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson, John Malkovich star in this one, set to hit cinemas on September 30th.

Last Days in the Desert

If you thought this movie might be about Jesus and his adventures in the desert, then you’re right. It is. Ewan McGregor plays Jesus, who’s going to face off with the devil over the fate of a family in crisis. We have a hunch that Jesus will come out as the winner, but at what cost?

Love & Friendship

Just in case you were looking for a Jane Austen adaptation for the big screen, we have Love & Friendship for you, based on the writer’s Lady Susan novella. Starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny, the movie tells the story of Lady Susan Vernon, who’s taking up residence at her in-laws’ where she wishes to find a suitable match for both the daughter and herself. The movie premieres on May 13th.

Precious Cargo

A new Bruce Willis movie with thieves, guns, and action? Sign us up. Launching on April 22nd, Precious Cargo is about a thief stealing goods belonging to another criminal. Willis is joined by John Brotherton, Claire Forlani, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (yes, that guy), and others.

Special Correspondents

We talked about Special Correspondents earlier this week, a new Netflix movie about a couple of journalists trying to frame their own kidnapping during a rebel uprising in South America. We’ve got Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana, Vera Farmiga, and plenty of others to delight us come April 29th.

The Lego Batman Movie

You never expected the latest Batman v Superman movie to be a hit, did you? Well, at least, Batman’s got a chance to redeem himself in a film we’ll love: The Lego Batman Movie. Check out the first trailer below.

The Nice Guys

What do you get when you combine Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, and a 1977 disco-sex-and-crime environment? A comedy/thriller in which a private eye and a thug end up investigating a complex crime. The Nice Guys launches May 20th, and you’ll probably want to add this one to your movies-to-watch list.

The Shallows

This is not really a Jaws remake, but this is nonetheless a movie that pits a woman against a great white shark. Blake Lively is a surfer who ended up on an island that’s just 200 yards away from safety after being attacked by the great white in question. Will she survive?

War Dogs

I already want to see War Dogs because this movie is both based on a true story and supposed to be a Hangover-like adventure. Launching on August 19th, War Dogs shows us Jonah Hill and Miles Teller playing as two guys who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan.

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