On Tuesday, BGR ran a post about Netflix’s ongoing war with VPN service providers — a war that Netflix is winning despite the likelihood that the company doesn’t even want to fight with VPN providers in the first place. The problem is that Netflix pays licensing fees by region so when users outside of that region access content that shouldn’t be available to them, they’re stealing. And if there’s one thing content owners in the movie and TV industries don’t like, it’s stealing.

After running that article we received an influx of emails from users claiming that they always use VPN services for privacy or to circumvent restrictions imposed by their employer or school. But each time they try to use Netflix, problems arise. We’ll take your word for it, dear readers, and we have good news: There are still a number of VPN services that work despite Netflix’s efforts to block them, and we’ll show you how to find them.

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Software testing and review site Comparitech published a post back in May covering VPN services that still worked with Netflix at the time. Of course, Netflix and VPN providers have gone back and forth constantly since then as Netflix works to block them and they setup new networks to work around those blocks. For that reason, Comparitech actually tests services and updates its post each and every week in order to ensure that its recommendations are still accurate. The latest update came just hours ahead of this writing, in fact.

Several working options are listed there and some of them, such as ExpressVPN, offer free trial periods to test out the service. Check out Comparitech’s post for the latest updates.

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