Ads aren’t coming to Netflix, so don’t freak out about it just yet. But in a what-if scenario where the streaming site would decide to show ads like Hulu does to supplement revenue, some three in four subscribers might ditch the service, one survey says.

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Netflix increased prices recently for a portion of its subscribers, something most people knew was going to happen. And it could happen again in the future. However, a study from AllFlicks found that customers would rather see price hikes than have to deal with ads.

The site asked 1,200 people on Reddit whether they’d pay more for Netflix each month or see ads during their binging sessions. An overwhelming majority (90%) of respondents said they would prefer the price increase. More than 55% of people stated that they would be willing to pay $1-2 extra than seeing ads, which appears to be the favorite price hike.

But if Netflix started showing advertisements, as a way to increase revenue without increasing subscription prices, then 74% would rather cancel their subscription than see ads.

“Our survey offered a comment section, and those that took advantage of it overwhelmingly used it to voice their disapproval for ads. A noticeable minority resorted to profanity to voice their displeasure,” the site notes.

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