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Travelers at JFK and O’Hare can enjoy free food courtesy of Netflix this weekend

Netflix Final Table

The gist of Netflix’s show The Final Table, which premiered this week, is that teams of chefs compete to impress celebrity chefs by preparing dishes reflecting the local cuisine from nine different countries.

It’s another step in the streaming giant’s incremental push to be a kind of digital version of the Food Network via all the food, restaurant, and culinary-related programming on offer. And in support of the new show, Netflix decided to put together a fun promotion that involves giving free food to travelers this Thanksgiving weekend who will likely endure long lines and congestion and two major airports.

Travelers through JFK airport in New York City and O’Hare in Chicago will see kiosk-like setups that dispense free food representing cuisine from Mexico, Spain, the UK, India, Brazil, Italy, France, Japan and the US that will be depicted in the show. Per Travel+Leisure, the food will include paella, full English breakfast pork scratchings, spiced black bean Brazil nuts, Thanksgiving leftover bread pudding, sundried tomato fusilli, and nori-crusted peanuts, to cite a few examples.

“In addition to a gourmet mini-meal,” T+L continues, “travelers will interact with a customized screen where they can select the country they wish to ‘travel to’ on their food journey. On the screen, they can find out more information about the country, the local food, the chefs that will be part of the new Netflix show, and get to see a short clip from the episode that features their chosen country as a teaser.”

The writeup also notes that travelers will get a box after the presentation that contains an international gourmet snack with information about the local ingredients used to make it from their chosen country. The promotion will be happening at JFK and O’Hare from now through Sunday, November 25th.

The Final Table,” Netflix explains in a statement teasing its new series, “is a global cooking competition that celebrates the togetherness food can bring to us all.”

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