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‘Morbius’ plot leak reveals how Sony’s ‘Spider-Man’ spin-off connects to Marvel’s MCU

Published Feb 18th, 2020 6:09PM EST
Morbius Movie Spoilers
Image: Sony Pictures

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Soon after Spider-Man: Far From Home premiered, fans of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe learned the bad news. Disney and Sony were not able to secure a new deal for Spider-Man’s prolonged use in the MCU, so they were going to part ways. Sony, reports said, would build its own cinematic universe, eager to prove that it doesn’t need Marvel’s other heroes to make billion-dollar films, and Marvel would just move forward with its own Phase 4 plans, which don’t need to include Spider-Man. The two giants ultimately made peace and the new contract reportedly allows Marvel to use Tom Holland’s Peter Parker for two more films, including Spider-Man 3, which launches next year, and a secret crossover film that might as well be an Avengers sequel.

More interestingly, reports said that the new deal would allow both studios to use Parker and his rogue’s gallery without worrying about what would happen in the other universe. Therefore, Sony would be able to make references to MCU events, while Marvel could use content from the in-development Spider-Verse. A few weeks ago, we got the first trailer for Morbius, Sony’s next film in the Spider-Verse, and it turns out Sony is including plenty of MCU references in the movie, references that will probably help attract an audience. Soon after the trailers aired, a leaker posted the full plot for the movie, which includes all the subtle and not-so-subtle ways the film will reference the MCU and Spider-Man. If you hate spoilers, now’s the time to avoid the huge leak below.

Before we proceed, I’ll remind you that we’re looking at a leak that can’t be confirmed at this time. It could be real, but it could be fake. After all, any comic book fan who has seen the trailer would be able to connect the dots by drawing inspiration from the Morbius stories and making up a plot that sounds genuinely possible, but it’s also peppered with plenty of MCU goodies that would give Sony’s Spider-Verse a better foundation.

The Redditor who posted the leak said they can’t reveal how they know the plot before proceeding to explain everything in great detail. We won’t go over the Morbius origin story, as you can read the entire thing below, but we will show you all the purported connections to the MCU and the Spider-Verse from the leak:

The J. Jonah Jameson connection

Michael wakes up back in New York and not sure what happened. Michael crawls into a bar and tells the bartender to call an ambulance. During this scene, Michael watches the TV, and it’s none other than J Jonah Jameson (J.K Simmons) talking about dead bodies mysteriously found on a cargo ship. Michael then gets flashbacks.

The Endgame connection

The film takes place in 2023 after Hulk’s brought back everyone to life. And Homecoming villain Adrien Toomes (Michel Keaton) is the one who reveals it — Sony placed a cheeky Toomes cameo in the trailer already.

He’s sent to San Quentin State Prison, and his inmate is Adrien Toomes (Michael Keaton) who makes a joke about how him getting blipped technically meant he got a shorter sentence.

The Sinister Six set up

Toomes climbs out of the prison while Michael uses his powers against prison guards and steals a coat from one of them. Toomes thanks Michael for breaking him out and tells him he’s putting a team together (Sinister Six) and wants Michael to join. Michael declines and uses his super-speed to take him to New York.

The Venom connection

We also see Mac Gargin (Michael Mando) break out and meet up with Toomes. Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) also runs off. Thankfully his hair no longer resembles Sideshow Bob and looks more like a mop and slightly less red. It still looks like a wig, but it’s better than what he had in Venom.

The Spider-Man 3 connection

The film takes place after Far From Home, but before Spider-Man 3:

Michael escapes before police arrive and takes off his costume. On the way, he passes the Spider-Man poster tagged ‘MURDERER,’ and unlike in the trailer, the picture used resembles the Homecoming suit instead of the Raimi suit.

The film ends with Michael and Bancroft at Niko’s funeral while Stroud watches in the distance. Cut to Morbius jumping across New York. The final shot is Morbius on a billboard showing a Peter Parker WANTED sign.

The film will be out in theaters on July 31st. Check out the full Morbius plot leak from Reddit below:

Morbius full plot leak from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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