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Marvel’s next Avengers project is already in the works, but it’s not the movie we all want

Published Sep 10th, 2020 1:51PM EDT

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  • The Marvel movies and TV series announced for MCU Phase 4 do not include any Avengers titles, but there’s increasing evidence that Marvel is planning more Avengers adventures in the near future.
  • The next Avengers project might not be the Avengers 5 movie fans want. Instead, Marvel might go for a different type of story featuring a crew of younger superheroes.
  • A report says that a Young Avengers TV series is in the works for Disney+, with a different source suggesting that some of the characters will be introduced in at least one Phase 4 movie.

There’s no question that the Avengers franchise is Marvel’s most powerful MCU asset. It’s what makes huge crossover adventures like Infinity War and Endgame possible, and what will continue to drive the storylines of the next MCU phases. But after the events that took place in Endgame, Marvel needs time to rebuild. The Avengers team prevailed over the biggest threat they’ve encountered so far, but they incurred huge losses. Iron Man and Black Widow are dead and Captain America has grown old in an alternate reality. Add to that the fact that Spider-Man is on the run and you end up with an Avengers team that wouldn’t be very effective right now. That’s why the Avengers 5 film we’re all waiting for isn’t in the cards anytime soon.

Marvel will introduce a bunch of new heroes with the help of the Phase 4 films and TV series, including brand new additions to the team. We’ll have to get to know these characters before we see that Avengers 5 movie we deserve. The same recipe worked for the previous Avengers team-ups, of course. We got to know and love the team members long before they joined the Avengers family. Not to mention that Marvel now controls the Fantastic Four and X-Men, and those heroes will also arrive in the MCU.

Now, a new leak says that we might soon get our Avengers fix in a different way, which might also help the Avengers franchise develop and move toward the epic Avengers 5 movie we’re all waiting for.

If you’re thinking of the rumored Young Avengers, then you’d be right. That’s the other Avengers project aside from Avengers 5 that we keep hearing about. Marvel has not said too much about it, but at least it did address the next Avengers film, stating in remarks last year that the film will serve as a sort of reboot of the franchise. The studio was likely trying to temper expectations after the massive success of Endgame. There’s no way for Avengers 5 to beat Endgame, and we might be years away from an epic MCU film like that.

But Marvel never addressed Young Avengers rumors and it might be a while before Kevin Feige mentions any plans. But there’s growing evidence that suggests the Young Avengers team is going to be introduced in Phase 4 that’s about to start this winter.

A report from MCU Cosmic said a few days ago that Wiccan and Speed will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where they will appear as older characters. For those unaware, those are the names of Wanda and Vision’s twins who will be introduced soon in the WandaVision TV series. A trailer already hinted that the twins would be part of the story, at least as babies. But they’ll be teenagers when they enter the main MCU timeline, according to the report.

MCU Cosmic also notes that Doctors Strange 2 will feature three Young Avengers, with Miss America also rumored to appear in the sequel. “The most amazing part is that the two actors have already shot their scenes in WandaVision, will be big parts of the MCU going forward, and no one knows who they are yet,” MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad said.

While Conrad did not address plans for Young Avengers, a different insider said that Marvel is actively developing a Disney+ TV series featuring this particular team, rather than a movie.

Mikey Sutton wrote in Geekosity that Young Avengers is inevitable, considering that some team members have already been cast. Cassie Lang appeared in Ant-Man, and Kate Bishop will make her debut in the Hawkeye series. The report notes that the Young Avengers team will include Bishop, Stature, Speed, Wiccan, Miss America, Patriot, Hulkling, and Iron Lad. The TV show will apparently be faithful to the comics, and the longer format will allow Marvel to flesh out the characters’ arcs.

Amadeus Cho will also appear in the series, but he won’t get to become another Hulk version as it happens in the comics. That’s because Mark Ruffalo will reportedly continue to appear in other movies, so Marvel can’t have too many Hulks in these team-ups. Cho will be a genius assisting the Young Avengers and will be introduced as a friend of Lang.

Sutton also noted that the 2010 miniseries The Children’s Crusade is considered for the show’s initial story arc. The report makes no mention of when Young Avengers will launch. But considering that several team members are about to appear in Phase 4, it’s likely that Young Avengers will arrive at some point after 2022, once Marvel announces its Phase 5 plans.

As for Avengers 5, there’s no telling how much longer we’ll have to wait.

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