Donald Trump loves boasting about how wealthy he is, yet the Presidential candidate steadfastly refuses to release his tax returns. Over the past few months, the reasons why Trump has declined to make his tax returns public have been all over the map. Sometimes he’ll bring up something involving an audit and other times he’ll simply say he doesn’t have or want to.

Looking to have a little bit of fun with Trump’s waffling, the folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday took to the streets and told any Trump supporter they could find that Trump had, at long last, released his tax returns. They then “asked them specific questions about these totally fictional tax returns in another edition of #LieWitnessNews.”

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Many of the questions Trump supporters were asked were completely random and downright hilarious, including gems such as: “Was it legitimate for Donald Trump to write off all his marriages over the years as entertainment?” and “The Donald Trump foundation donated $1000 to the legal defense fund for the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, is that okay?”

Of course, the nonsensical answers and ridiculous justifications that these people on the street came up with is what truly makes the video shine. As evidenced below, apparently nothing that Trump does these days — even hypothetically speaking — comes as much of a surprise to anyone.

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