Any iPhone users out there when have been around long enough to have bought an early iPhone 4 unit will remember the unexpected cellular signal loss they may have experienced. The antenna was on the outside of the phone, and Apple’s engineers didn’t foresee this problem: holding the phone by its antennas might mess with cellular reception. But then late Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs famously explained that if you experienced signal issues while using the iPhone 4, you were probably holding it wrong.

Now, a different Apple executive is telling us we’ve been doing something else wrong when it comes to the iPhone.

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For some reason, Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller decided to fix the Internet this week, telling us that there’s no such thing as “iPhones” or “iPad Pros.” There’s no plural for these devices.

It turns out that I’ve never had two iPhones. Not because I sold off the older model when buying a new release, but because I’ve been doing it wrong. It turns out you can’t have two or more iPhones, iPad Pros or Macs.

But according to Apple’s Phil Schiller, you can have two “iPhones devices,” “iPad Pro tablets” or “Mac computers.” You can also apparently have “two iPhone” or “three Macintosh.”

Now that the Internet knows what the correct plural of iPhone is, Schiller should also pay a visit to Tim Cook and Luca Maestri’s offices. It turns out they said “iPhones” and “iPads” during the company’s earnings call earlier this week.

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