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Another fan-favorite Marvel character survived the ‘Infinity War’ massacre

Published Aug 23rd, 2018 2:00PM EDT
Infinity War Deaths
Image: Marvel Studios

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That’s right, Avengers fans, we’ve got new evidence that tells us another beloved Marvel character survived the Infinity War massacre. By now, that’s hardly a surprise, considering we’ve been getting a steady flow of reports proving not only that many of the Avengers heroes who died after Thanos’s snap will be resurrected, but that other fan-favorite characters survived the many battles in Infinity War. On top of that, we know there’s going to be some time traveling in the upcoming new Marvel picture, to bring back to life many of the dead.

Before we get started, you should know that are two types of fan-favorite characters in Marvel. We’ve got the superheroes, many of them dead, and then the supporting characters who we don’t want to die. Ever. Think Heimdall, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Shuri, Valkyrie, even Thor’s roommate Darryl, and the list can go on and on.

Then, we have two major death scenes in the movie, including the Asgardian massacre at the beginning of the film and the snap at the end. We know for sure that the Snap will be undone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Asgardians will be saved.

We already know that some people were able to save themselves before Thanos killed everyone on that ship. Marvel writers and directors went on record saying that Valkyrie got away, but they were a lot more cryptic about another fan-favorite, Korg. “All I can say is pray for Korg,” Christopher Markus said not too long ago.

Korg, of course, is that giant made of rock who brings plenty of comic relief to Thor: Ragnarok. Here are his best scenes (pay attention to the final scene with Miek):

But we now know that he survived. Will he make an appearance in Avengers 4? It doesn’t really matter, as long as he made it out alive. And CinemaBlend found a video starring Korg where he’s promoting the Contest of Champions mobile game. Check it out, (and pay attention to Miek again):

Miek is the critical component here. Korg feels terrible for stepping on Miek a couple of weeks back, so he hired him as his new recruitment officer. Now, one could always say that the whole Contest of Champions might take place right before the Asgardians meet Thanos. But, as seen in the credits scenes of Thor: Ragnarok below, they meet Thanos rather quickly. It sure doesn’t look like they’ve spent weeks on the ship before Thanos arrived.

Not to mention that Marvel is using Korg to promote its products now, in the present. Why do that if he’s dead? With that in mind, it sure looks like Korg survived both the battle at the beginning of Infinity War and the Snap — well, so did Miek, but we don’t care about the bug, do we? He might also be hanging out with Valkyrie and others — even Loki.

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