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How to get 13 free packs from Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion

Updated 4 years ago
Published Apr 26th, 2016 12:20PM EDT
Hearthstone Whispers of the Old Gods Free Packs
Image: Blizzard

Later today, Blizzard will launch the third major expansion for Hearthstone, titled Whispers of the Old Gods. As with previous expansions, Whispers of the Old Gods will add a new card pack to the store with 134 new cards to collect, but before you start spending, you should know that you can get your first several packs for free.

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During a recent live stream, Hearthstone lead designer Ben Brode revealed that players will be able to collect 13 free packs just by logging in and playing the game after the expansion launches on Tuesday afternoon.

First off, just by logging in during the launch event (which will likely last a few weeks), players will immediately be treated to three packs as well as a legendary C’Thun card and two Beckoner of Evil cultist cards which interact with C’Thun. That’s eighteen free cards before you’ve even clicked a button.

After that, every player will receive two quests, each of which reward five packs a piece. The first quest requires players to win two games in Hearthstone’s new Standard format, which bans cards from the Curse of Naxxramas adventure and the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. Once you’ve won two games, you’ll receive a second quest requiring you to win seven more games.

Splitting the player base into two separate formats (Standard and Wild) might be jarring, but rewarding them with free packs should make the transition easier.

Jacob Siegal Associate Editor

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