While it’s no secret that most TV watchers hate spoilers, Game of Thrones fans in particular seem hellbent on avoiding spoilers like the plague. This, of course, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that few TV shows seem to engender the type of passion one typically encounters from fans of HBO’s popular fantasy drama.

With that as a backdrop, telling a Game of Thrones fan what type of plot twists lie ahead is one of the most creative and cruel types of nerd revenge we can think of, something that Reddit user Khaleesiscorned recently learned the hard way.

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Writing on the Relationships subreddit (via deathandtaxes), Khaleesiscorned kicked things off by explaining how jealousy and insecurity ultimately led him to cheat on his now ex-girlfriend.

Looking for a bit of payback, the girlfriend — identified under the pseudonym Dany — decided to start spoiling Game of Thrones episodes for her unfaithful ex.

Dany blocked me on every form of communication when we broke up. But, on the Monday after season 6 premiered she unblocked me and I saw I had messages from her. I was excited because I thought maybe she forgave me and we could move on, but it was literally just every spoiler from the first episode.

Comically, blocking Dany proved to be futile as she simply began messaging him from other numbers.

Since then she spoils the show for me every week. I tried to ask her to stop but she blocks me immediately after she sends the message. I blocked her on whatsapp, but she did it via Facebook. Then the next week it was text. She even borrowed one of our mutual friends phones to do it, and I fell for that. (Our mutual friends are all closer to her and apparently hate me now because of what she’s told them about me). I can’t watch it before she ruins it became I have to wait til my girlfriend (my ex ex) is home from work to watch with her.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

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