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Watch Christoph Waltz explain why the Galaxy Note 7 is the perfect phone for America

Galaxy Note 7 Ad Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz is a highly acclaimed Oscar-winning actor. But he’s not too big to do commercials, and he just starred in a brand new Galaxy Note 7 ad that’s weird, strange, and brilliant all at the same time.

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Let’s start with the fact that Waltz isn’t an American, yet the entire clip is about how busy Americans are, and how the Galaxy Note 7 is the best fit for them, given that it does so many things.

The subliminal message is clear here: there’s no other smartphone (cough… iPhone… cough) that can do the same great things the Galaxy Note 7 does. Waltz is excellent at demoing some of the Galaxy Note 7’s features while going on and on with his rant at how busy Americans are.

Waltz is just amazing in the clip – making America great again well ahead of Trump – but the video is also rather strange. Sure, it does a great job targeting American buyers, and slightly mocking them in the process, but it was posted online where anyone, regardless of the country can see it. Is the Galaxy Note 7 not good enough for non-Americans?

Speaking of strange things, I can’t but wonder who approved Waltz’s behavior related to the Galaxy Note 7 right at the beginning of the clip. He doesn’t recognize the device he’s holding until he checks the back. Shouldn’t the Galaxy Note be an iconic device by now, stylus and all?

Brilliant. And very strange. Check it out below.

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