Donald Trump is nothing if not controversial. During the course of his unlikely and bizarrely successful run for President during this election cycle, Trump has eviscerated anyone and anything that dared stand in his way, or even lightly criticize him. Comically, The New York Times earlier this week published a complete list of the “218 people, places and things Donald Trump gas insulted on Twitter.” Needless to say, Trump is an equal opportunity offender quick to insult people and things as varied as Super Bowl 50 and T-Mobile’s service.

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Without question, Trump has made no shortage of enemies during his campaign for the presidency, which is why it may not come as much of a surprise that Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was recently vandalized with a sledgehammer. Now I know what you’re all thinking: Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It’s a fair question, and, as it turns out, his star dates back to 2007 and was given to him in light of his work on NBC’s hit show The Apprentice.

Originally reported by our sister site Deadline, Trump’s star was utterly smashed. And in a scene that reads straight out of a Hollywood movie, the vandal was dressed up as a city construction worker and got busy with a sledgehammer and a pick-ax.

Speaking to Deadline, the man said his name was Jamie Otis. He said he originally intended to remove Trump’s star completely to auction it off next month in New York to raise funds for the women who have recently come forward to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them over the decades. In the past few months, 11 women have claimed the GOP POTUS candidate groped or otherwise attempt to get intimate with them. At a rally earlier this week, Trump told supporters the accusers were not telling the truth and that he would sue them after the November 8 election.

As for the star itself, it was smashed to bits, but not completely removed. And so, the craziest election year in U.S. history rages on.

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