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Doctor Strange 2 cameos: This popular Marvel hero might have confirmed his cameo

Published Jan 20th, 2022 10:11PM EST
Doctor Strange holding a coffee cup
Image: Sony and Marvel

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The massive Spider-Man: No Way Home surprises leaked several months before the film’s premiere. The evidence was so abundant that the actors involved in the project had a hard time denying they joined Tom Holland for this massive multiverse adventure. The cameos in Doctor Strange 2 are even crazier than that. This is the kind of movie that might feature dozens of Avengers surprises that will make fans happy. Some of the most common Doctor Strange 2 cameo rumors involve heroes you’d expect to see, like Deadpool, Iron Man, and Wolverine. And it turns out that one of the actors playing one of Marvel’s beloved characters might have confirmed their Doctor Strange 2 cameo.

Mind you, big Multiverse of Madness spoilers will follow below.

Why Doctor Strange 2 is like Endgame

The thing that turned Avengers: Endgame into the biggest superhero movie of all time when it comes to earnings is the Infinity War cliffhanger. The ending of Avengers 3 sparked a lot of conversation online about the dead heroes. In the year that passed between the two Avengers installments, we saw an incredible number of reports that confirmed the return of the dead Avengers. And the rumors fueled continuous chatter online about Avengers 4.

The only thing that approached that sort of hype was the No Way Home chatter in the past few months. But the difference is that No Way Home rumors kept confirming the same four actors. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Charlie Cox, and Tom Hardy would all appear in the film. The older Spider-Man actors appeared in most of these rumors.

The same “recipe” will help fuel interest in Doctor Strange 2. In that regard, Multiverse of Madness is more like Endgame when it comes to cameos. That’s because the number of Avengers showing up in this multiverse film might exceed our expectations.

The crazy cameos

It’s not just Deadpool, Iron Man, and Wolverine that has us excited about Doctor Strange 2. As we get closer to the film’s release, we’re getting more and more reports about the Marvel actors that might appear in the movie. Several X-Men mutants could show up in the sequel, as well as several Fantastic Four members. One of the most exciting Doctor Strange 2 rumors said that it’s none other than John Krasinski playing an alternate Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2. We did compile a list of amazing Doctor Strange 2 cameos at this link.

Getting back to Wolverine, this is the character that Marvel fans want most to see in the MCU. Hugh Jackman famously retired from the role with Logan. That’s easily the best movie in the Wolverine franchise and a great end to Jackman’s run as one of the most beloved mutants.

Professor X, Wolverine, and Magneto in X-Men: First Class
Professor X (James McAvoy), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) in X-Men: First Class. Image source: Fox

Did Hugh Jackman just confirm his return to Wolverine?

But Jackman did say in previous interviews that he would have considered teaming up with the Avengers. That was before Disney bought Fox, at a time when such an event seemed impossible. Doctor Strange 2 might be the first film that would offer Jackman the chance to get back to his iconic Wolverine role and share the screen with many Avengers.

We did see direct evidence that Jackman discussed with Marvel’s Kevin Feige last summer. And Jackman trolled the internet beautifully with a Wolverine reference nearly a year before the Doctor Strange 2 release.

But the actor hilariously denied returning to Wolverine in an interview a few weeks after that. He went on to instruct the interviewer to make sure Deadpool hears about it. “Tell that to whoever you want, but please tell it to Ryan [Reynolds], because he’s like, doesn’t believe it, he thinks I’m joking. Please,” the actor said.

With all that in mind, we have a different video showing Jackman where the actor seems to confirm that he’s playing Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2. Check it out below:

Someone asks Jackman whether he’ll appear as Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2 in the clip above. It’s unclear whether the actor understood the question or whether he’s just faking it.

But he clearly confirms that he’s Wolverine, generally speaking. Of course, he is Wolverine. We’re yet to see Marvel recast the role. But did he just tell the world that he’s Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2 in a way that lets him deny to Kevin Feige that he did?

You’ll be the judge of that. What’s certain is that the Wolverine cameo rumors for Doctor Strange 2 will not die down anytime soon.

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