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Never-before-seen ‘Infinity Saga’ deleted scene reveals a Marvel villain that could appear in Phase 5

Deleted Scenes from Avengers

Now that the Infinity Saga is complete, you can purchase a boxed set containing all the 23 Marvel movies so far that contains additional deleted scenes that have never been seen before. Thankfully, those scenes tend to leak and the latest one reveals Marvel’s version of a villain that we haven’t really gotten to see in the MCU so far. Well, we didn’t see this villain in the original, comic-like form at least, but Marvel apparently created it before giving this villain’s main scene the ax. And it definitely looks like the kind of villain we might encounter in the coming years.

The following screenshot shows Captain Marvel talking to a giant head, via MCU Cosmic, which is the Supreme Intelligence, of course. It turns out that Marvel went for a comic-accurate representation of the Kree leadership, but we never got to see it in the first Captain Marvel film because the scene was cut.

Image source: Marvel

A sequel is in the works and confirmed for MCU Phase 5 (2022-2023). The film is set in the present day, reports say, but that Marvel can certainly still explore Carol’s history. We have no idea what she did after she left Earth in the late ‘90s. And she likely ran into the Supreme Intelligence again after facing it the first time. After all, Far From Home showed us that we’re going to see more of the Skrulls in the MCU. That means we might see the Krees as well at some point down the line.

In the first Captain Marvel movie, the Supreme Intelligence took the appearance of Dr. Wendy Lawson when dealing with Carol. A scene showing the giant head above would have been excellent, but it’s unclear why Marvel ultimately cut it.

The actual clip from where the screenshot above was taken hasn’t reached YouTube, however, and you might not be able to see it unless you can get your hands on the Infinity Saga set, whenever it’s back in stock. The whole thing costs $500 and only 4,025 were made.

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