The only thing better than the Deadpool movie itself might be Ryan Reynold’s years-long dedication to bringing the character to the big screen. Now that the movie has finally released (and broken countless box office records), Reynolds appears to be enjoying the spotlight immensely, most recently evidenced by the latest Honest Trailer from the people at Screen Junkies.

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You’ve probably seen some of the team’s Honest Trailers before (we’ve covered Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Fantastic Four and a few others in the past), but as a rare treat, the star of the movie is actually featured in this one.

Considering the fact that Deadpool might be best known for his penchant for fourth-wall breaking, it makes a great deal of sense that Ryan Reynolds himself would help provide voiceover for the Honest Trailer. After all, Deadpool did kind of steal the whole honest names thing in its opening credits sequence:

Deadpool is now available on Blu-ray, in case you want to bring it home.

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