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So many people throw pizza on the ‘Breaking Bad’ house they had to put up a fence

breaking bad house

Walter White was a fictional character who never really existed, but the residence that served as his New Mexico home most definitely does exist, and its owners are fed up with Breaking Bad fans making their lives a living hell. The Albuquerque home has become a hot spot for tourists in the years since the hit AMC drama wrapped up, and the number of increasingly rude visitors to the fictional meth kingpin’s address has driven the current residents to erect a large fence to keep fans — and pizza — out.

As reported by the local KOB4 news station, the 6-foot-high iron fence will be completed shortly, and it will hopefully dissuade Breaking Bad fans from harassing the family any further. According to the residents, sight-seers often stop for photos in front of the home, which isn’t terribly bothersome, but they often go too far.

The family has been asked to close their garage door and even leave their own front yard so that fans can get the perfect shot, and some even steal rocks from the landscaping as makeshift souvenirs. But what’s most troubling is the pizzas. Oh, the pizzas. The iconic Walt-throws-a-pizza-on-the-roof scene from the show has inspired visitors to do the same, forcing others to climb onto the roof to remove the food later.

You really can’t blame the family at this point. It’s an incredibly obnoxious situation, and the owners have said they don’t want to put up the fence, at this point it doesn’t seem like they have any other choice. Imagine waking up in the morning to find stolen rocks and a rotting pizza hanging out on your garage roof. You’d probably want to invest in a night sturdy fence, too.