Ever wondered how much it pays to work on a blockbuster movie like The Force Awakens or any other film that has a budget of at least $200 million? Sure the lead actors, the director and producers are likely to do very well for themselves, but what about the other critical personnel working on a movie?

This brilliant “credits” video explains it all.

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Created by Vanity Fair, the credits sequence below tells us exactly how much money various on-set and off-set jobs pay. The better the actor, the more money he or she will make. Similarly, if you’re part of the writing, photography, editing, visual effects, music, and production design teams, you’re going to get a handsome paycheck, depending on seniority.

Vanity Fair estimates that a lead actor can make as much as $12,000,000 while a “Best Friend” actor will earn some $75,000, which is what a cameo from an Academy Award winner also pays. A cat, meanwhile, can get $13,000 while the person who “had a scene with the female lead but it was cut” will make just $1,920.

Pay for non-acting jobs varies depending on skill and experience. You can earn a few thousand dollars to tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars on a movie that has a budget of $200 million, according to the video.

Vanity Fair’s “credits” video is probably one of the most interesting credits sequences you’ll ever see, and the full video is embedded below.

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