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Bernie Sanders gives the ‘worst case scenario’ of a Trump presidency

Bernie Sanders Stephen Colbert

Now that the election is over and Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States, the Democratic Party has some soul-searching to do. All the polls said that Hillary Clinton was going to win, and most Americans seemingly expected her to win, but Trump rallied his base and came out on top.

So now that they’ve lost, where do Democrats go from here?

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On Monday night, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on The Late Show to discuss the future of American politics with Stephen Colbert.

Sanders starts by performing an autopsy on the Democratic Party, determining that the cause of death (at least for this election) was the party’s inability to reach working-class Americans with its message. Instead, the “liberal elite” (as Bernie calls them) took over the party and steered it in the wrong direction.

So now that Trump has won, what does Sanders the future of the country will look like? Colbert asked him for both the best and worst case scenarios, and while the best case scenario is that Trump, lacking a steadfast ideology, ends up doing what’s best for the American people as a whole, the worst case scenario is terrifying.

If Trump, or those around him, recognize the opportunity that they have with the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and eventually the Supreme Court under their control, they might decide to “change the rules of the game so [that they] don’t lose anymore.” They’ll do away with campaign finance laws altogether and increase voter suppression to make it harder for millions of Americans to vote.

You can see all of Bernie Sanders’ comments below:

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