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Huge ‘Avengers: Endgame’ leak reaffirms one of the biggest spoilers so far

Avengers: Endgame Spoilers

Black Panther may have scored a few wins at the Oscars, but last night’s show did not bring us a new trailer or any new Avengers: Endgame footage at all. Not that we expected any of the upcoming trailers or TV spots for Avengers 4 to reveal any spoilers for the forthcoming movie. We’ve got toy leaks for that, and it just so happens that a new leak has spoiled a significant plot point from the film. Again.

What you see in the following blurry image that was posted on Reddit over the weekend is a set of figurines based on the Avengers movies:

SPOILERS: First Endgame Legends starting to leak out from MarvelLegends

We have Black Widow on the right and Hawkeye on the left. In case you can’t already tell, they’re wearing white armor suits with Avengers logos. We saw these new hero costumes revealed before thanks to other figurine leaks, as well as Lego sets based on the new Avengers movie. We’ve even seen clothing based on the same Avengers suits start selling online ahead of the Endgame launch.

What’s interesting about the set above is that it doesn’t just contain the Black Widow and Hawkeye figurines, it also comes with extra heads. From top to bottom, we have Nebula, Ant-Man, and Iron-Man. What does that mean? Well, you can just use whichever of those heads you want when you play with your figurines — no judgment here. The following image shows an older leak featuring Thor in similar white Avengers armor.

Image source: Twitter

More importantly, what the leak tells us is that a bunch of the surviving Avengers will wear the new suits, likely to travel back and forward in time with the help of time vortexes. These suits are similar to what Hank Pym wore back in Ant-Man and the Wasp when he went to the Quantum Realm to find Janet and bring her back. Hank is dead right now, which means Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Scott Lang will probably make new suits for the entire team.

But because this is a film, and you need to tell the characters apart and not all of them will wear the exact same helmet in the movie. Similarly, children will have to be able to tell which figurine is which, and that’s why these toy sets will ship with a bunch of heads to choose from.

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