We always knew that some of our favorite heroes would die or retire in Avengers: Endgame, and that’s exactly what happened. The film delivered plenty of heartbreaking scenes as some of our favorite heroes departed the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As it stands now, two main characters perished and one retired, all in the name of doing whatever it took to beat Thanos. But did Marvel also kill off one more Avenger off-screen? Beware, a minor Spider-Man: Far From Home spoiler will follow below.

The new Spider-Man movie is the final chapter in the Infinity Saga, and it just launched in the US and other international markets after hitting cinemas in China on Friday. The film ties up some of the loose ends from Endgame, explaining what happened to the world after the snap and how the Earth coped with the five years afterward.

The film also deals with the losses from the battle against Thanos, and that’s where the minor spoiler comes from. As MovieWeb explains, there’s a scene early in the film that shows a video tribute to all the heroes who died fighting Thanos. The list includes Vision, who didn’t even appear in Endgame, as well as Black Widow and Tony Stark. What’s interesting about the scene is that the tribute also includes an unexpected hero, Captain America, who didn’t die in Endgame. Does this mean that Marvel just killed the old Steve Rogers off-camera?

Cap went to the past to return all the Infinity Stones the Avengers borrowed to beat Thanos, but then he never came back. Well, the young Captain America never came back, because Steve Rogers did appear in the scene as an old, happily married man. He came back to our version of Earth to give a brand new shield to the new Cap, Falcon. Marve later explained exactly how that happened, and it all makes perfect sense.

So why did the students of Midtown Science High School include Steve Rogers in that video tribute? Well, that’s going to be a new question Marvel will have to answer. But it’s easy to speculate as to what might have happened. It’s unlikely that the Avengers would want to let anyone know that they can travel back in time if need be. They also wouldn’t want others to discover that Rogers is now an old man, so the best way out of this situation is to pretend that Steve died a hero.

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