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‘Avengers 4’ directors teased the movie’s title in a photo and fans are in a frenzy

Avengers 4 Title

Avengers 4 isn’t due to hit theaters until next year and it’s unlikely Marvel will reveal the film’s title anytime soon. We just saw the first Captain Marvel trailer, so it’s likely that much of Marvel’s efforts will focus on that hotly anticipated movie for a while. But the Russo brothers, who directed Infinity War and are now working on reshoots for the sequel, posted a mysterious picture on Instagram, practically taunting fans to search for something that almost certainly isn’t necessarily there: The Avengers 4 title.

The black and white photo captioned “Look hard…” got nearly 150,000 likes in less than a day, supposedly showing one of the brothers working on a laptop on the set of Avengers 4:

The Russo brothers previously trolled the audience with potential titles for Avengers 4, so fans assumed the image might contain clues for the title. As Business Insider reports, some of them quickly figured that some of the objects in the photo might spell out Endgame, which is a potential, albeit unlikely title for the film — the Russos did say that the film’s title isn’t used in Infinity War dialogue.

Others went for Avengers Assemble clues:

Others saw Beta Ray Bill on the black wall behind them, and some people searched for something different, focusing on the X in the background:

It’ll be interesting to see whether the title will be unveiled when the first trailer is released, or if it won’t happen until a bit later on down the road. The Russos have said in the past that the title is a spoiler of what’s coming in the next Avengers film, which is why Marvel doesn’t want to reveal it too early.

We may not know the title for the fourth Avengers film, but we do know that most of the dead characters will return to life and that there’s going to be time travel involved to save them. Avengers 4 is due on May 3rd in the US, and about a week earlier than that in Europe.

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