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A single photo just revealed a huge ‘Avengers 4’ spoiler

Avengers 4 Spoilers

We’ve got a long way to go until Avengers 4 hits theaters, brand new details about the epic conclusion of the epic two-part Avengers Infinity series may have just been revealed. So far, we know that most of the dead heroes are going to be resurrected in Avengers 4, and various leaks have already told us that the Avengers who are still left will travel back through time to undo the Snap. On top of that, we’ve got one more telling Avengers 4 spoiler for you, one that offers us a new detail on what’s about to happen soon — and it suggests that the key meeting we’ve been waiting for might finally happen soon.

An Avengers fan observed something interesting while watching a Robert Downey Jr. interview that was conducted during the filming of Avengers 4. 
Downey Jr. is dressed in Stark gear matching the time frame of Avengers 4, Digital Spy explains, but it’s the background that’s far more interesting.

In it, we see the same set used when shooting some of the Shuri scenes in Infinity War.

What this means is that somehow, Stark managed to get back to Earth from Titan — Nebula probably helped him. Then he’ll probably meet everyone in Wakanda, Shuri included. And we do know that Shuri did survive the snap.

Now, Shuri, Stark, and Banner are the brightest minds on Earth, or in the Avengers extended team, and they’ll likely put their brains to good use to try to fix the Thanos problem. However, that’s not the most exciting thing about the fact that Stark and Shuri will soon meet to be tech geeks together. You know who else is in Wakanda? Everyone else left standing, including Steve Rogers.

After I saw Infinity War, I said that the most heart-breaking moment, for me, isn’t the ending, but the scene where Stark tells them about the phone Cap gave him after their final battle in Civil War. He’d been carrying that phone for years, in spite of his falling out with Rogers. If Stark is coming to Wakanda, then we’ll finally see that Stark-Rogers meeting that we never got in Infinity War. We know from leaked set photos that the two will meet and go back in time together, but Stark coming to Wakanda might be how it all starts.

There’s no guarantee that Stark’s first order of business back on Earth is to visit Wakanda, and he could very well meet the genius Shuri much later during the film. But it makes a lot of sense to see it all go down at some point early in the movie.

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