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Marvel star teases return to ‘Avengers 4’ despite her heartbreaking ‘Infinity War’ death

Published Oct 10th, 2018 10:09AM EDT
Avengers 4 Spoilers
Image: Marvel Studios

The Avengers 4 title may have already been revealed, according to recent reports, which would explain Mark Ruffalo’s recent stunt with Jimmy Fallon. But Marvel and Disney aren’t going to confirm anything before they’re good and ready. The title, they once said, can’t be revealed because it somewhat spoils the film. But sooner or later, they’ll have to tell us what the Infinity War sequel will be called. We do expect a trailer to drop at some point in November and when that first video teaser arrives, we’ll probably confirm the title then. It’ll be interesting to see how Marvel will promote the film, given that so many key characters are dead… even though we do know that most of them will come back. In fact, a Marvel star whose character had a heartbreaking fate in Infinity War just teased her return from the dead.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen proof that Gamora will be back in spite of having been sacrificed in Infinity War. Thanos dropped her to her death to get his hands on the Soul Stone. At the time, I thought she’d be gone for good from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, considering what had happened up until that point in the movie. Remember that Thanos killed a bunch of fan-favorite characters early on, including Loki. But as soon as he snapped his fingers at the end of the picture, I started reconsidering Gamora’s death.

Since then, we saw fan theories attempting to explain her return and we looked at previous images shared on social media by Zoe Saldana, which suggested she had been filming scenes for Avengers 4 in an outfit that supported the idea of time travel. Fast-forward to present day, and we have Saldana posting a brand new photo on Instagram in Gamora attire.

She’s using a mysterious caption as well, which seems to be tied to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon song. So there’s no clear indication that she’s doing Avengers 4 work right now. But why else would Saldana tease fans with Gamora pictures?

As ScreenRant points out, actress Karen Gillan who plays Gamora’s sister Nebula also added an Instagram story of her make up (see below) to announce her last day on the set. There’s no link between the two images, but why would both of them share pictures on social media at around the same time other than to tease Avengers 4 reshoots?

Image source: Instagram via Screen Rant

We’ve known for a while that Gillan returned for reshoots, so seeing her post teasers on Instagram is not a surprise. Unlike Gamora, Nebula didn’t die in Infinity War. The snap sparred her and she was left on Titan together with a wounded Iron Man to figure things out. Gamora’s revival, meanwhile, remains a mystery. How will Marvel bring her back from the dead? We have no idea. But we’ll see plenty of time travel in Avengers 4, so the remaining Avengers might be able to prevent the events that lead to her death.

It’s likely that Gamora will also appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, a story that’s set after Avengers 4 in Marvel’s MCU timeline.

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