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New revelations make ‘Annihilation’ sound like a great ‘Avengers 4’ title

Published Oct 16th, 2018 2:21PM EDT
Avengers 4 Spoilers
Image: Marvel Studios

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A few days ago, we heard that the Avengers 4 title might be Avengers: Annihilation, a leak that supposedly angered execs over at Marvel and Disney. While we still have no idea what the upcoming Avengers movie will be called, there seems to be more evidence that backs up that Annihilation leak. Also, we have more clues about how the whole time travel thing might occur in Avengers 4, and what Ant-Man and The Wasp really brought to the MCU.

A user on Reddit pointed out that when Scott Lang is done collecting all the Quantum Particles that he needed, more orange energy orbs appear next to him. We all noticed those, but we didn’t necessarily link them to the Snap:

Watch the [credits scenes], before and after [Scott] retrieves the Quantum Particles the Realm is a deep blue and in an almost ‘calm’ state. But seconds before the Pym’s disappear, we begin to see orange start to fill the Realm.

Orange is the color of the Soul Stone. Then, the camera pans out, and we see orange orbs traveling across the realm.

This would be around the time Thanos snapped his finger, down to the seconds if you watch Infinity War and how soon Bucky disappears.

The same user stitched together the Snap and everything that happens after it, coming up with this video:

As you can see, the arrival of those extra orange orbs inside the Realm does seem to coincide with all the dying that’s occurring elsewhere in the universe after the Snap.

The implication seems to be that all the dead people may return to the Quantum Realm as energy. But if that’s true, doesn’t it mean that Scott just scooped up a pile of dead souls to bring back to the real world?

The same MCU Cosmic blog that first revealed that rumored Annihilation title pointed out that one of the definitions for “annihilation” in the dictionary explains it as “the conversion of matter into energy, especially the mutual conversion of a particle and an antiparticle into electromagnetic radiation.”

Marvel is far from revealing the title of Avengers 4, and it might not be Annihilation after all. And yes, it’s easy to find proof that would support this particular leak, given the vastness of the Marvel comics universe. But Annihilation does seem to make more and more sense. Regardless of what Marvel calls the next movie in the Avengers franchise, it’s pretty clear the Quantum Realm is a very important realm for the future of our favorite heroes.

We learned a few days ago the Quantum Realm is a lot more complex than we thought. And now that Ant-Man 2 is available online, we’ve been able to see deleted scenes that show Janet van Dyne talking to a creature and negotiating passage. What’s interesting is that she’s using some sort of translation device to communicate with the huge beast, which implies you can get that technology down there — here’s that clip:

With that in mind, let’s highlight a remark about the Quantum Realm from Ant-Man and The Wasp director Peyton Reed, who sat down with CBR after the digital version of Ant-Man 2 was released. Reed explained that there are things in the film you should focus on for hints about things to come:

I think in the scenes where Hank, Hope, and Scott are in Hank’s laboratory, there are a lot of details in the production design in terms of items that were large items that were shrunken, there were shrunken items that were grown, in terms of pieces used to create Hank’s laboratory. So think pausing and looking around at the various details with all these things, you may notice some strange items that are used to construct his laboratory.

And then I would also say in the Quantum Realm, as Hank and Janet blast their way out of the Quantum Realm in the quantum pod, maybe freeze frame on some of those, and see if you can see anything in the distance in the Quantum Realm.

The same MCU Cosmic posted the following screenshot from Ant-Man and The Wasp that seems to show a rather large city in the distance:

Image source: Marvel via MCU Cosmic

Maybe that’s where Jane lived all those years, and where Scott will go soon, right before jumping through time. It’s widely believed at this point that Scott will use the time vortexes inside the Quantum Realm to get back home — so why did Jane never return home using the same portals? That’s also a question that needs answering.

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