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An ‘Avengers 4’ poster may be hiding in plain sight, but we still can’t see it

Avengers 4 Poster

A few weeks ago, the Russo Brothers posted a somewhat cryptic teaser on social media, an image showing one of the two Avengers co-directors, with a caption that said “Look hard.” The image was then analyzed by plenty of fans who thought the Russos hid clues that would help them reveal the Avengers 4 title. A few weeks later, a new theory has emerged, one that proposes a different idea: Anthony and Joe Russo may have been teasing the first poster of the Infinity War sequel.

There’s no telling when Marvel will release the first trailer for the film, or when it’ll share the title and first poster for the movie. The title, we’ve known for a while, is a spoiler for the film. Even the poster can provide clues about what will happen next in the movie. Given that massive cliffhanger in Infinity War, it’ll be somehow hard for Disney’s marketing team to promote Avengers 4 without giving away anything.

Posted on Reddit, the new theory suggests that the poster is placed almost in the center of the image, opposite one of the Russos, who’s working on a laptop.

Well, if this is what the Russos wanted us to find, there are multiple posters here. Redditors have already tried interpreting the shadows in the images, as you can see in this imgur series:

Look 6

Or in this one:

What I see, arrows at top indicate direction they are looking.

Of course, this all may turn out to be wishful thinking. And the Russos may have trolled the audience all along. Maybe we’re all just looking at a photo from the Avengers 4 set that has no teasers in it. Only time will tell.

What’s clear is that, the closer we get to the end of the year, the more likely it is for Disney to release the first trailer. The first Captain Marvel trailer dropped a few weeks ago, prompting fans to speculate that the first Avengers 4 clip will follow early next month.

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