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10 ridiculous mistakes you missed during huge fights in popular movies

10 Popular Movie Fight Mistakes

Choreographing a massive fight scene has to be one of the most difficult challenges while shooting an action movie. Not only do the actors and extras need to train extensively with whatever weapon they’re wielding (even if it’s just their fists), but they all need to hit their marks in order to keep the scene moving at an appropriate pace.

Unfortunately, they can’t always get everything right.

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In one of Screen Rant’s latest mistake-filled videos, we focus on fight scene slip-ups in popular movies, which are even easier to find than you might expect.

They’re all pretty fantastic, but the first, in which you can plainly see a rubber knife bend and contort the second it hits Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 in Terminator 2, is especially hilarious. Although I like to think that’s what would happen to an actual knife that dared to cut the Arnold, it’s sadly just a split-second that probably should have been cut from the film.

Another great mistake comes near the climax of The Matrix, when Neo and Agent Smith duke it out on the subway tracks, you might notice that Keanu Reeves’ hands are doing something odd when he backflips back on to the platform. He’s actually using the strings attached to him in order to spin back upright, so he’ll land on his feet.

You can check out some more ridiculous, occasionally hilarious fight errors below:

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