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Zap germs on your face mask or anywhere else with this portable UV sanitizing wand

Published Jul 24th, 2020 12:42PM EDT
Image: Hygea/Amazon

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  • A good UV sanitizing wand is a must-have device in the age of the novel coronavirus — but unfortunately, most of the options on Amazon have inflated prices and questionable quality.
  • Lucky for you, there is at least one good option that isn’t price-gouged: The Germ Reaper UV Sanitizing Wand.
  • This model is so much better than all the cheap UV sanitizing wands on Amazon, but it actually costs less than most of them because it’s not price-gouged.

All of you should be well aware at this point that you need to have a face mask and good hand sanitizer with you at all times whenever you go out. It’s the only way to protect yourself and those around you from the novel coronavirus. The CDC says so, the WHO says so, doctors say so, and experts all over the world agree. In fact, the CDC tells people right on its coronavirus site to always wear face masks anytime they have to leave their homes for any reason. It really couldn’t be any clearer: “Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others.”

You can snag Amazon’s best-selling face masks for $0.50 each right now thanks to a clippable coupon, and Purell hand sanitizer is actually available at prices that are almost reasonable. In other words, you really have no excuse to be without either. You can also get the strongest hand sanitizer we’ve ever seen — SupplyAID hand sanitizer with 80% alcohol content. Of course, there are a few other tools you need in order to be extra safe, and we just found a terrific deal on one that you might not even be aware of.

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In addition to alcohol and other disinfectants, UV-C light also kills bacteria and viruses including human coronaviruses. That’s why having a UV sanitizer wand is such a great idea, but the problem is sellers are taking advantage of the pandemic and charging over $100 for models that are terrible quality. Lucky for you, we found a terrific option on Amazon that’s in stock now and is vastly better than other options out there when it comes to quality.

It’s called The Germ Reaper Ultra Violet Sanitizing Wand and it’s a well-known model as opposed to all the no-name devices on Amazon. This want is compact, portable, and you never need to worry about recharging it since it runs on batteries. You can supposedly use it on any surface you want and within just a few minutes, that surface should be sanitized. Just please be smart and don’t use it on your skin or on anyone else, and definitely keep it away from your face and eyes.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon
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