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The yeedi vac robot vacuum delivers the power you want

Published Jan 20th, 2022 7:00AM EST

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There is no denying that robot vacuums have changed the way people think about cleaning their floors. It used to be unthinkable to leave crumbs or dirt on the floor. Now, you can do so because you’ve scheduled your robot vacuum to run soon and it’ll pick it up for you. Robot vacuums have become integral parts of many homes and can minimize stress while keeping dirt and dust off your floors. The yeedi vac is one of the newest options out there and provides just what you need.

The yeedi vac robot vacuum is a step up for cleaning products. It removes dirt and debris off of your floor while avoiding your furniture. While other options in the yeedi robot vacuum lineup can also do that, this one is compatible with the yeedi Self-Empty station and can be upgraded from there. I’ve been using it for a while now and am excited to tell you more about it.

yeedi vac Features

Showing the underside of the vacuum
The underneath of the yeedi vac robot vacuum cleaner, showing the sensor on the right side. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

This takes a lot of the features that you may have loved from previous yeedi options and builds upon them. Last year, I reviewed the yeedi k650 robot vacuum and liked how well it cleaned up pet hair. This does a good job on pet hair, but it doesn’t have the tangle-free brush the k650 had. Rather, the main brush is simple to take out and there is a built-in tool that helps you undo tangles.

Once you are comfortable using the yeedi vac, you have the option to upgrade it. This is compatible with the yeedi self-empty station, so your robot vacuum will be able to empty itself. You can also upgrade to make it a 2-in-1 mop and vacuum with the yeedi mop modular. But using it as it comes works just fine as well.

Setting it up is simple, as scanning the QR code opens the yeedi app. From there, the setup takes only a few minutes (once the robot is charged). One of the big updates for this option is the ability to map out your home. There are editable maps or ways to draw your own maps to best design how the vacuum should clean your home. This allows you to save time in the future by having the vacuum know your home’s layout. It takes a bit of time to do this in the app, but once you do, you have access to edit the rooms easily. The battery life runs for 110 minutes before it automatically returns to the docking station to charge.

More from the app

Scheduling your cleanings takes your home care to the next level. With the yeedi app, you can choose which rooms or areas your yeedi vac should absolutely clean and which ones aren’t in need of cleaning. So let’s say you have visitors staying in your guest bedroom and you don’t want to disturb them. You can choose to have it not go into that room and it’ll listen. Starting your vacuum from wherever you are has never been easier. If you are at home, you can even use your voice, as it can connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. I found it easy to set up with my Amazon Echo Show.

In the past, it would cycle through random navigation and figure out the best way to cover your home. Now, you can go into the app and tell it where you want it to go. That technology is a time-saver, as you can set it up and know it’ll get where you want it to. There is a floor tracking sensor function that couples with the visual mapping technology to map out the perfect route through your rooms in real-time.

The yeedi vac shows off its power

Showing the top of the yeedi vac
Underneath the top lid of the yeedi vac, showing the dustbin. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

In the past, you can pick up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and more without much issue. But for an even more powerful clean that can get deep into your carpets, the yeedi vac boasts 3,000pa of suction when it is on the Max+ setting. It also has a max and a standard setting. It even has a sensor that detects if it’s about to go over a carpet that relays that it needs to increase the suction. This is a game-changer for families who have a lot of carpets.

It only has one side brush that you have to install at the beginning, compared to the k650 which has two. But the side brush does the trick to help funnel dirt and debris into the bin. Emptying it out is a breeze and the cleaning filter takes no time to wipe down. The design is slim, so you’ll be able to have it go underneath some furniture.

What you’ll get

When you get the yeedi vac, it comes with a docking station along with a power cord that you plug into the station. What is nice is that you can wrap the cord in the back to keep them together for storage. You’ll also receive the side brush and the vacuum cleaner. The main brush is already installed. The instruction manual and quick start guide help you set it up and know how to use it.


From January 17 -23rd, 2022, the yeedi vac is on sale for $90 off its normal price at Amazon. This huge discount is thanks to a coupon you can clip. You can type in the promo code YEEDIVAC1 to snag this for only $209.99! That’s a terrific deal for such a smart robot vacuum. Don’t delay as this deal won’t last forever!

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

More yeedi deals

There are plenty more deals where this came from. If you want to upgrade your system, the yeedi vac max is also available at Amazon. This is also discounted now majorly from $449.99 to $279.99. You can run this one for 200 minutes per charge. If you’d prefer to get the robot vacuum and mop that self-empties itself rather than upgrading your yeedi vac, the yeedi vac station is also available at Amazon currently. This is down from $549.99 to $379.99. For those who prefer to shop at Walmart, the yeedi vac, yeedi vac max, and yeedi vac station are all also available there. 

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