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The little robot that kills weeds and never needs recharging just got its first Amazon discount

July 7th, 2021 at 2:25 PM
Best Weed Killer

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Weeding your yard or garden is a pain in the butt. That’s especially true when you don’t have the right tool for the job. Thankfully, I found the ultimate weeding tool a few years back. It’s called the CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator Hand Tool, it costs just under $30 on Amazon, and it’s amazing. Seriously, just flip through the reviews on the product page for a few minutes. You’ll immediately see why this simple hand tool has an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon. That’s practically unheard of!

I highly doubt there will ever be a better cool than the CobraHead. At least, not when it comes to digging up weeds by hand in an instant anywhere on your property. But the BGR Deals team recently tested a new kind of weed killer that works in gardens, flower beds, and more, and it takes things to a whole new level. It’s called the Tertill Garden Weeding Robot and it’s nothing short of a game-changer. It’s also on sale right now at Amazon for the first time ever!

Today's Top Deal Super-popular TP-Link Kasa mini Alexa smart plugs just hit a new all-time low price of $6 each! List Price:$26.99 Price:$23.99 You Save:$3.00 (11%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Available from Amazon BGR may receive a commission

Are you familiar with Joe Jones? You might not be, but you’re definitely familiar with his work. Jones is one of the people who invented the Roomba robot vacuum, the first autonomous vacuum cleaner. That feat alone is all you need to know to appreciate the kind of innovations Jones is capable of.

Now, he’s back with a new autonomous robot that I recently had the pleasure of testing.

The nifty new Tertill Garden Weeding Robot looks sort of like a cute little green Roomba. Instead of working inside your house, however, you set it up outside in your garden or a flower bed. It needs physical borders to keep it confined to whatever space you’re working in. Then it roams the area constantly and chops down any weeds in its path.

How can the Tertill differentiate between a weed and any other plant, you ask? Simple: it cuts any growth it sees that’s less than 1 inch tall. It doesn’t pull up the roots, but it doesn’t need to. Instead, it just keeps chopping weeds as they regrow until eventually, they don’t have anymore stored energy so they die off. If you have small sprouts that you want to protect, there are a few barriers that come with the robot or you can use anything else you might have lying around to block it.

Unlike the Roomba, the Tertill offers a user experience that is truly “set it and forget it”. As a matter of fact, you never even need to charge it!

With a Roomba or any other robot vacuum, you still need to empty it after it runs. Even if you have a newer self-emptying robot vacuum like the Roomba i3+ that’s $51 off right now at Amazon, you still have to replace the dust collection bag in the base at least once a month. If you have a pet, you probably also have to untangle the brush on the bottom every few months. Meanwhile, the Tertill Garden Weeding Robot needs no regular maintenance. It’s solar-powered so it’s constantly recharging on its own, and it roams around your garden every day hunting for new weeds. It works a little bit every day. Then, it camps out to recharge itself thanks to the solar panel on top.

Do you have an enclosed garden of up to 200 sq. ft. or flower beds with raised borders? If so, the Tertill is a must-have gadget that you’re going to love. You’ll never need to worry about weeding again!

That sort of freedom is worth any cost, but the Tertill is actually quite reasonable at $349. As we mentioned earlier, however, it’s on sale today with a deep discount for the first time ever. Instead of the $349 retail price, you can snag one for just $296.65! There is a catch though, and it’s the fact that this is a Lightning Deal on Amazon. In order to score the discounted price, you’ll need to follow this link and place your order between 4:20 PM PT and 10:20 PM PT on Wednesday, July 7. You’ve got six hours to save, so don’t miss out!

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot - A Better Way to Weed, Ideal for Vegetable Gardens, Automatically… List Price:$349.00 Price:$296.65 You Save:$52.35 (15%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Here’s a video that explains everything you need to know about the Tertill. You can also see it in action:

And here are the key takeaways:

  • No programming required — in fact, it only has one button and that’s all it needs
  • Solar-powered and weatherproof so you never need to recharge it or take it inside to protect it from the elements
  • Works its way in between all your plants and only chops up weeds
  • Proven to be just as effective as hand weeding, according to the manufacturer
  • Runs for about 1 hour each day, stopping and starting constantly as the sun recharges it
  • Weeds gardens and enclosed beds up to 200 square feet in size
  • Needs at least 12 inches of space between plant rows
  • Boundry must be at least 4 inches tall, preferably made of metal, wood, or stone
  • Connect the free smartphone app to configure and control your Tertill
Tertill Garden Weeding Robot - A Better Way to Weed, Ideal for Vegetable Gardens, Automatically… List Price:$349.00 Price:$296.65 You Save:$52.35 (15%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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